Shinobii X Alexandra berglöf - STARSHIPs & silhouettes 

Released February 21st, 2016
Written by Alexandra Berglöf and Shinobii, Produced by Shinobii

Alexandra and Shinobii's premiere EP - Starships & Silhouettes. Alexandra met Shinobii at Sarm Studios in October 2015. Since then they have worked to create a new melodic futuristic sound that combines Shinobii's funky bass production with Alexandra's R&B vocals. The entire EP is a collaboration with lyrics and melodies that will transport you off planet earth and into space. 

Alexandra Berglof - I'm Yours 

Alexandra's first single as a solo-artist, released on May 25th, 2014. 
Written by Alexandra Berglof and produced by Zab Spencer.



A-Minor - The Hills (Weeknd Cover) Feat. Alexandra Berglof

Released July 31st, 2015 
Cover of the Weeknd produced by A-Minor



JPB - If Only you (feat. Alexandra Berglof)

Released January 4th, 2015 
Music and Production by JPB and Lyrics by Alexandra Berglof



Alexandra Berglof - I'm Yours (Sqz Me Remix) Exclusive

DJ Sqz Me remixed I'm Yours for Electronic Dance Music ( 



Sqz Me X Alexandra Berglof - Move A Little Closer

Sqz Me and Alexandra Berglof collaborated to create a low-tempo chilled deep house tune.